Well Equiped Laboratories

 Well Equiped Laboratories
1. Physics Lab
2. Chemistry Lab
3. Biology Lab
4. Computer Lab


The Physics Lab is well equipped with all scientific instruments dealing with all modern Mechanics, Thermo, Optics, Electro current & Modern Physics, approved by ISO. These are used for practical conducted by students of classes XI & XII. It has display of a variety of projects made by the students on various topics. The Lab Assistant manages all equipments and students are issued the apparatus on requirement.


The school has a fully equipped chemistry lab with all the safety equipments and apparatus required for conducting the experiments. Regular check up of the gas pipeline, drainage, disposal system is done to ensure the safety of all. Lab is designed in such a way that 50 students can do the experiments individually at a time.


The biology lab of the school is fully equipped with all materials required for the practical and investigatory projects to be performed by the students studying biology in classes XI & XII. At a time 50 students can work comfortably in the lab. The lab is displayed with beautiful prepared charts and models showing different aspects of the living world.