For Admission : Primary - 97524 35400, Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary - 98935 94001

Rules & Regulations


  • Admission in to the school is based on the student’s performance in the entrance exam known as Disha Intelligence Mapping and Aptitude Test.
  • Application for admission has to be submitted in the prescribed format with all the columns duly filled in with black/blue inks correctly and legibly. Incomplete and incorrect application may be rejected outright.
  • Students are required to submit the original mark sheet of their previous classes along with attested photocopies of the same.
  • Students shall submit a fitness certificate from a competent and authorized medical authority at the time of admission.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in accordance and as per directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. STUDENTS FOUND INDULGING IN ANY KIND OF RAGGING SHALL BE OUTRIGHTLY RUSTICATED FROM INSTITUTE AND LEGAL ACTION AS PRESCRIBED MAY BE INITIATED.
  • Students admitted in the School must obtain Identity Card on payment of prescribed fees.
  • Submission of Board Enrollment Form is essential for the students admitted.
  • Students are directed to give their correct address and telephone number. Any changes should be brought to the notice of the office authority immediately, in writing with receipted copy.


  • Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. Full payment of the fees is to be made on yearly basis in advance within the prescribed date or as per rules of Board/ Govt.
  • Caution Money shall be refunded on completion of the full term of the courses on presenting the original fee receipt only. If student is leaving institution in Midterm then also fees of the full year is to be paid.
  • If without completing full course period students leaves the institution due to any reason, except he being declared fail or declared lunatic, fees for year or the case may be liable to be recovered from student.
  • Transfer Certificate (TC) will be given only after all fees due or to be due is paid and all fines, expenses, Utility charged are also paid.
  • Before seeing legal remedies for grievances on fees, TC etc. student and parents are directed to apply for arbitration first, to principal of the institution.
  • The Student should ascertain his means of financial support before joining the course, No concession in fees will be granted during the course under any circumstances.
  • Canvassing for any type of concession/ redemption in fee is not permissible.


  • Students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute as declared and notified from time to time.
  • Students are not expected to indulge in any unsocial, criminal or political activity, not conforming to his status as student and against the interest of the Institute/Organization.
  • Minimum 85% attendance is compulsory to be eligible to appear in Board Examination (or as guided by Board). Students are required to submit leave application giving valid reasons for absence from classes. The leave/absence applications shall be submitted to the concerned Department Head and is subject to acceptance as per rule.
  • Students found damaging the Institute property shall be punished and fines and may also be suspended/restricted from the Institute and cost will be recovered for the replacement of that property.
  • Consumption of tobacco products, alcohol, smoking, chewing of gutka or using these kinds of bad habits inside the Institute is strictly prohibited. Students found indulging are liable to be fined and punished severely. They may even be restricted. Students shall follow the prescribed Dress Code in the Institute.
  • Gadgets like Mobile Phones, Walkman, Radio, etc. are not allowed inside the classrooms, workshops, seminars, etc. Usage of above will lead to seizure of these gadgets which will non refundable.
  • Absence from classes for more than 21 days without prior information shall lead to the admission of the students being cancelled.
  • Publication of any information regarding the Institute without prior permission from the competent authority is not allowed and shall be treated as an offence invoking punitive action like suspension also.
  • Usage of Institute infrastructure viz, Library, Computer Lab, Workshop, Hostel, etc. are governed separately by Library rules, Computer Lab rules and Workshop rules and shall be notified from time to time.
  • Cases of indiscipline shall be reported to the Disciplinary Committee and in such cases the decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall be final and binding.
  • Information regarding examinations, activities, etc. shall be displayed in the form of notice on the Notice Boards and shall not be communicated to the student individually.
  • Without prejudice to any or all above Disha Education Society reserves the right to amend or add any or new rules which becomes applicable after putting it in the Notice Board of the Institution.

Note: The institute reserves the right to alter or add or change the Rules and Regulations which shall be notified from time to time.

Hostel Rules : The tenancy of the students is subject to admission in a particular course and the availability of beds. The Rules and Regulations of the Hostel may be seen in details in the admission form of the Hostel.


All hostelers have to apply and fill the hostel form every year a fresh, subject to fees, approval, case and merit bases.

All students are required to follow the established rules, timing and instructions of the hostel warden(s). The persistent infraction will result in suspension or expulsion from the hostel with/without information to their Parents.

The students may leave premises only with prior permission of the warden, and entry in the prescribed register of “Departure & Reporting”. Register is must for their Departure and Arrival.

The last entry(Arrival) time is 08:00 PM. Everyone should remain present on each ATTENDANCE, beyond which Rs.100/- will be charged as fine for each such default. Ragging and inappropriate language is strictly prohibited and will lead to very strict Disciplinary action as deem fit.

VISITORS – As per form, only real family members or relatives authorized by the parents, can be allowed to meet with prior permission of the warden, between only 7 PM to 8 PM on each Sunday. Maximum two visitors are allowed in a month. If any face fraternization is observed, will be treated a grave misconduct, leading to Expulsion or Police Complain or Rs.1000/- as Fine as decided by the Discipline I/C or warden. The visitors should be attended only in the side of the Porch only, and no visitor is allowed to up-stairs. No night stay of the friends/relatives is allowed. Written permission is compulsory one day prior for any outing/or visit to Home, for not going to school. Similarly, for any early leave or directly from the school or to any other please, Warden’s prior permission is must in each case. Absent without permitted days will be treated offense and will be penalized @ 100/- per day and may lead to termination. Students will be responsible for their owned/Personal belongings, and also for the utensils, bedding, etc given to them by the Institute. For any damage to Institutional properties will be offset by them in cash/substitute of equivalent specifications, individually or collectively, as the case is. All have to obtain No-Dues after each Final Exams. The hostelers are strictly advised not keep jwellery or hard cash with them, and will be responsible for loss.

Cleanliness is mandatory in all the way in Hostel premises. Any willful violation will attract severe action. None is allowed to accommodate with oneself to any outsiders at any cost in the Hostel.

If student is found using/having any kind of unauthorized Electrical/Electronic Appliance, dangerous-instruments, Narcotic, or Alcohol/smoking, will be treated as grave offence, and will be penalized accordingly as deem fit.

Late night outing, party, singing, or distributing other students will be dealt strictly.

  • The consumption of Electricity, Water, etc. should be rational, if found otherwise, may attract fine accordingly.
  • Any kind of serious medical advice or prescriptions or Allergy should be brought to the notice of the Warden.
  • The timings in the hostel/Canteen regarding Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner should be followed strictly.
  • Permission of any kind of leave will be entertained first by the hostel warden, and will be reported soon on returning.
  • RAGGING is strictly prohibited: therefore, never try in any form of introduction or action, or command.
  • If any student is reported stayed in hostel during college time, without written permission, will be penalized Rs.100/- per day.
  • All instructions of the wardens are important for the hostel students and administration, so must be given due respect.
  • The above rules will be amended time to time, and the dame will be binding to all the concerned.
  • Any act or threat to assault on others or harm on himself/herself physically or otherwise is a grave offence.
  • Use your own prescribed Medicine. Any unauthorized medicine is strictly prohibited and will be at his/her cost.
  • Any matter of personal dispute must be briefed first to the Warden and his decision will be binding to all.
  • Any grave offence may be put up before the Discipline Committee, and may be referred during issue of CC.
  • The Hostel Wardens are Authorized and Responsible persons and thus must be given due regards and attention.


  • The Guards must be vigilant enough to ensure the timely attendance and never to manipulate/over write it.
  • Hostel Wardens are requested to please verify and countersign the total presence daily.
  • Any unauthorized absence of any student must be brought to the notice to the Registrar Office and Parents.
  • Gate-Pass must be signed by the Warden only, verified by the Security personnel and ensure timely return.
  • Fine on each fault specified and confessed along with duly recommendation of the Warden, should be Accounted properly with information to Registrar office.

Library Rules : The Library card will be issued to users at the beginning of the academic in the institute, subject to the regulations of the Library. The detailed library rules can be seen in the library membership form.

Computer Lab Rules : The System Administrator issues instructions and guidelines from time to time for proper utilization of Lab.

Rules and Regulations for traveling in the Buses : The students will specifically travel in the Buses, which are earmarked to them for this purpose. The Transportation rules are subject to changes from time to time and shall be duly notified. The details of transportation rules may be seen in the admission form.


HOSTEL RULE : No student is allowed to leave hostel, once opted. In case the student leaves the hostel in between the session he has to pay the full charges of the hostel.


  • No student is allowed to drop the bus facility after opting for it. In case the student does not avail bus facility after opting, he/she has to pay the full amount.
  • The student must reach to the bus stop before the schedule time. The bus shall not wait after the departure time.
  • Any damage done to the vehicle or school property, the student will be liable to make over the loss.
  • The school authority will not be responsible for any belongings of students left in bus.
  • The students will be punished for their indiscipline behavior in the bus.
  • The student without complete uniform & proper identity card will not be allowed to board the bus.

Discipline Policy :


  • Late comers will be marked in student manual.
  • After 3 late marking, the parent should meet the principal.
  • If it continues, disciplinary action will be taken up.


  • Mobiles & Electronic gazettes are strictly prohibited in school campus.
  • It any student brings such articles,it will be confiscated and will not be returned unless and until the parent submits a written application.
  • To return the gazette or not is exclusively on the discretion of principal.
  • Anybody if brings mobile due to any emergency, It should be with the knowledge & permission of principal.


  • Complete uniform is compulsory for all the students.
  • Any change in it must be with the permission of principal.
  • Not wearing uniform without the permission of principal will lead to punishment as per the decision of principal.


  • Maximum three days leave will be granted to students by C.T. only on application signed by parent. Long leave may be granted by principal if needed.
  • Students availing leave without permission shall be liable for punishment.

Any breakage or damage done by any student must be replaced or compensated by the student and the student may be severely punished for such acts.

Principal may suspend / terminate any student found guilty and responsible for such act after the remarks of discipline committee.

A student should have minimum 75% attendance failing which he/she may not be allowed to appear in examination.


  • Students are not expected to involve in any political party, nor disturb the function of institution by their activities.
  • Such student will be severely dealt and may be terminated from institution.
  • No costly ornament or money should be brought by any student. School authorities will not be responsible at all for any such loss or damage.
  • Burning Crackers etc in the campus is strictly prohibited. The student responsible for any such act shall be immediately rusticated from school.


  • The parents are not allowed to meet the Class Teacher(CT) / Subject Teacher(ST) directly and specially during class hours. Parents are expected to seek permission from principal to meet any teacher.
  • Parents are expect to return the documents duly signed (if asked) within the prescribed time.
  • Fees and dues must be paid in time or fine may be imposed by principal for deserving cases.
  • Parents are requested to check the correctness of phone numbers from office given by their wards and keep in touch with C.T. / S.T.
  • It is compulsory for parents to attend Parent Teacher Meet (PTM) whenever called for.