Disha School - Smart Classes

Physics lab is also equipped to cover all the practical aspects of physics. The object of this course is to give students in-depth experience in experimental physics, in the field of general properties of matter, heat, sound, electricity. The coordinator, graduate assistant and good instructors are available to assist for performing experiments.

The chemistry lab is fully equipped with all the modern gadget to run the lab in a proper way . It has the supplement of all the chemical compounds and scientific instrument s as required by an enhanced CBSE lab.

The Biology lab consists of all the specimen of animals and plants especially for teaching purpose as per norms.

Our computer lab is equipped with modern computer Pentium IV. Students get chance to operate it individually. We provide intensive teaching and coaching on computer science I.P and related subjects.

To enhance the fine art and sense of music a lab has been established comprising of all the necessary musical instruments like synthesizer, Tabla, Harmonium and Drum set etc. Each instrument is taught with zeal and enthusiasm by the music teacher.

Hygienic food is provided in the college canteen and it is the most important place for lively discussions and friendly get-togethers.

The menu is sumptuous while the prices are reasonably affordable. A great place for the students to hang out and enjoy during breaks on any given day.

Designed spaciously in rich and elegant colors with a comfortable seating, the AV Room is well equipped to conduct high tech lectures and sessions where the students absorb and retain information which remains in the memory for a longer period of time.

Air conditioned built up with over head projector and surround sound system, it is an ideal location for dealing with technical classes which require video and audio settings.

The activity room is especially designed to develop the creativity mortar activities, logical thinking and comprehensive thought of students. The room contains lots of accessories to develop these skills and activities.