The School has been organizing picnic as the events for the welfare of the students community. These picnics also conducted in order to increase the social relationship between the Students, Staff and to develop the essence of gregariousness and sharing among students.


Disha School frequently organizes outbound tours, trips and excursions like Shimla-Manali-Kullu and Nainital-Mussorie etc. Also the school regularly arranges for trips to nearby places like Swami Vivekanand Science Park, Corporate Companies in the Insurance Sector, Public and Private Banks, Post offices, Government offices to relate with the theory studied in the classroom and check it in relation to the practical world.


The major sports include almost all events that can be played both indoor and out door. These sports activities are organized to enhance the student’s mental and physical abilities and an equilibrium between these two.



It’s a mega inter school literary meet where students of Raipur and near by areas do participate in almost all the activities. More than 60 schools and 600 students participate on this platform and exhibit their talents.

List Of Events

  • Fancy Dress Competition (PP I & II)
  • Fancy Dress Competition (Class I & II)
  • Clay Modeling (Class I &II)
  • Clay Modeling (Class III, IV & V)
  • Mask Making (Class III, IV & V)
  • Instrument Playing (Class III, IV & V)
  • Face Painting (Class VIII, IX & X)
  • Instrument Playing (Class VI, VII & VIII)
  • Classical Vocal (Class VI, VII & VIII)
  • Working Science Model (Class IX & X)
  • Classical Vocal (Class IX & X)
  • Quiz (Class XI & XII)
  • Working Science Model (Class XI & XII)
  • Instrument Playing (Class XI & XII)
  • Classical Vocal (Class XI & XII)
  • Group Dance (Open)
  • Drama-Dialogue, Narration, Direction & Performance (Open)
  • Basket Ball Tournament (Open)

DISHA SCHOOL - Independence Day

The students of Disha School Celebrated the Independence Day with pride & joy in their heart. The spirit of patriotism was reverberated on the 15th of August, when the national tri-colour was unfurled. The entire atmosphere was echoed with the symphony of the national anthem. The Chief Guest of the programme was Sri S.K. Jain, Chairman of Disha Education Society. He addressed the students gathering by saying that, no doubt now we are free from the british dominance, but we are not able to free ourselves from the ill practices of the society. He appealed the students to come out of that instinct, so that they could lead a better life. On this occasion, the Secretary of Disha Education Society, Dr. A.K. Tiwari, told the students to be free from fear & be happy. At the same time, Disha School Principal Sri Karan Sahu also appealed the students to remember the dedication, hard work and sacrifices of the freedom fighters & must inculcate that in their life. A series of mesmerizing performances were showcased by the students of Pre-Primary & Primary wings of Disha School.

DISHA SCHOOL - Cultural Activities

To develop the cultural and traditional values amongst the students, these events are organized during the entire session as per the planning and supervision of Teachers.

DISHA SCHOOL - Outdoor Play Field

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DISHA SCHOOL - Annual Function